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United International Kungfu Federation

The United Internation Kung Fu Federation

President/Founder - George Crayton Jr., ZongShi
Vice President - Stanley Tabor, Shifu
Vice President - Raul Ortiz, Shifu
Sergeant of Arms - James Cama, Shifu
Executive Counsel - Li Tai Liang, Grand Master
Secretary - Doris A. Mendez, Shitaigu
Business Manager / Treasurer - Bill Fong, Shifu
Kung Fu Advisor - Liu Chengde, Grand Master
Public Relations - Karl Romain, Shifu
International Director - Dixon Fung, Shifu
Web & Graphic Design - Joshua Peromsik, Shifu

The United International Kungfu Federation was developed as a way in which practitioners of the Chinese martial arts could exchange ideas and information on martial arts. To ensure the well-being as well as the integrity of of the Chinese martial arts. It is classified as a not-for-profit, not-for-politics, not-for-control organization. It is a network of kung fu schools who share the love for the ancient arts and wish to further expand their knowledge and skill of the arts and culture.

We at the United International Kungfu Federation feel that martial arts can and do contribute to today's society. Martial art instructors are more than just teachers of fighting techniques, they are in most cases role models for young students to look up to, a friend and confidant to adults, and a shining light to their elders who have passed down their sacred traditions with hopes that it will continue in the same way it has been passed down to them.

The Federation and its associated schools collectively pull together to keep the Chinese styles alive and strong. Building on the fundamentals of honor, integrity and the humble way in which Chinese stylists should carry themselves. To pass on high quality traditional martial arts to the following generations to come.

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