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George Crayton Jr.

Grand Master George Crayton Jr., ZongShi

1st Generation Disciple of Grand Master Liu ChengDe
1st Generation Disciple of Grand Master Lee HungYea

Crayton's Disciples of Long Hu Pai

To be a disciple is to be a part of the martial family, and to be the foundation for the future of a style in martial arts. The following individuals have been taken as dsciples by GrandMaster GeorgeCrayton Jr., ZongShi. Listed you will also see disciples taken under ZongShi's "Sons and Daughters" as well as a partial listing of Black Sash students. All of these people share the honor of being part of the Long Hu Pai school system and share the knowledge of the kung fu style "Huan Shou GongFu."

Betty Fernandez

Grand Master
Betty Fernandez, ShiPo

George Crayton III

George P. Crayton III, ShiGong

Linda Mendez

Grand Master
Linda Mendez, ShiTaiGu

Ida Mendez

Grand Master
Ida Mendez, ShiTaiGu

Giovani Guzman

Giovani Guzman, ShiBo

Justice Allah

Justice Allah, ShiFu

Bruce Handler

Bruce Handler, ShiFu

Paul Knight

Paul Knight, ShiFu

Tom Forrest

Tom Forrest, ShiFu

Marion Griffin

Marion Griffin, Shifu

Mike McMenemy

Michael McMenemy, ShiFu

Melvin Colon

Melvin Colon, ShiFu

Vernon Chin

Vernon Chin, ShiFu

Joshua Peromsik

Joshua Peromsik, ShiFu

Eli Feuer

Eli Feuer, ShiFu

Eitan Feuer

Eitan Feuer, ShiFu

Shepard Davis Jr.

Shepard Davis Jr., ShiFu

William Little

William Little, ShiFu

George Rolfo

George Rolfo, ShiFu

Ron Campbell

Ron Campbell, ShiFu

Bobby Ford

Bobby G Ford, ShiFu

Cynthia Woehrle

Cynthia Woehrle, ShiFu

Brian Olivencia

Brian Olivencia, ShiFu

Darryle Lamb

Darryle Lamb, ShiFu

Sharon Cancel

Sharon Cancel, ShiFu

Curtis Bland

Curtis Bland, ShiFu

Jackie Chin

Jackie Chin, ShiFu

Jackie Healey

Jackie Healy, ShiFu

Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell, ShiFu

Israel Castellon Jr.

Israel Castellon Jr., ShiFu

Wanda Acavedo

Wanda Acavedo, ShiJie

Tyrone Boucard

Tyrone Boucard, ShiXiong

Stephane Touya

Stephane Touya, ShiXiong

Michell Harriot

Michell Harriot, ShiJie

Clyde Folborg

Clyde Folborg, ShiXiong

Averill Thompson

Averill Thompson, Disciple

Wesley Ally

Wesley Ally, Disciple

Justice Allah's Disciples

Mike Frazier

Michael Frazier, ShiFu

James Simmons

James Simons, ShiFu

Lasun Allah

Lasun Allah, ShiXiong

Tubar Allah

Tubar Allah, ShiXiong

Melvin Byrd

Melvin Byrd, ShiXiong

Dexter Tucker

Dexter Tucker, ShiXiong

black Sashes

Donald Basemore

Donald V. Basemore, ShiFu

Raquel Romaine

Raquel Romaine, ShiFu

Avi Marciano

Avi Marciano, ShiFu

Aaron Folborg

Aaron Folborg, ShiXiong

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