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MMA Kung Fu and Mixed Martial Arts Classes in Farmingdale New York NY
Kids Martial Arts Classes and Anti Bullying Program Farmingdale NY
Learn Tai Chi in Farmingdale New York
Self Defense Classes in New York

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Do you want to learn how to protect yourself and loved ones?
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Self Defense Classes in Farmingdale

Martial Arts

Martial arts training is perfect for weight loss and fitness. Our professional instructors will motivate you to be healthier, to be confident and build your self-esteem, all while learning to know your surroundings and how to avoid danger.

In our kung fu classes, you will enjoy a fun and rewarding experience every class where you and your children can learn respect, focus, and discipline, build self confidence, and learn to defend yourself and avoid being bullied. Classes are open to ages 5 and up, and both group and private lessons are available.

If you're looking for a professional tai chi instructor, you've come to the right place. With our tai chi program, you will improve your health, build strength and balance, increase your mobility, develop your flexibility, and gain a better range of motion. Regular tai chi practice is also shown to help reduce high blood pressure and help relieve both stress and anxiety.


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We accept students age 5 and up.

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Crayton’s Martial Arts is conveniently located at 340 Main St in Farmingdale, NY. There is street parking as well as a full parking lot available behind the school.

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